Makoto's saber

Introduce Makoto Tsai's saber.
Any question of Makoto saber, you do e-mail to me.
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About Makoto blade

Makoto blade use Makoto Saber LED that is speciality.
Only use LED strip with Makoto blade.

Every Makoto saber is build with Makoto Tsai in person.

For Makoto Saber LED:
There are V3 and V3-GX,  
V3-GX is new type saber LED, brighter then V3.

For Makoto LED strip blade:

For single color saber(SSS saber):

V3 Blade: Use V3 led and single strip in one 
Polycarbonate tube.
V3 plus Blade: Use V3 plus led and two strips in one Polycarbonate tube.

V3 GX Blade: Use V3 GX led and single strip in one Polycarbonate tube.
V3 GX plus Blade: Use V3 GX plus led and two strips in one Polycarbonate tube.

Blade Brightness compare:
      V3 < V3 plus >= V3 GX < 
V3 GX plus

RED blade is V3 and V3 PLUS now.

Green  blade is V3 GX and V3 GX PLUS now.
Blue  blade is V3 GX and V3 GX PLUS now.
Purple blade is V3 GX now.

About the color change saber(LFS saber):
Only have single led strip type now, so it is V3 type.
the saber LED of the LFS that is use RGB LED.
SO the brightness is V3 when you turn the red, 

the brightness is V3 GX when you turn the green or blue,

the purple or yellow or cyan that will be choose or over V3 GX , because two led strip turn on at same time.
the purple is red+blue,
yellow is red+green,
Cyan is green+blue

color change saber only have ONE led strip in one blade~so I call it that is only v3 type.

Makoto's Polycarbonate tube:

A(25015): Dia: 25.0mm, Thk: 1.5mm (Use for lightsabe spin)
Dia: 25.0mm, Thk: 2.0mm (Good for lightsabe duel)
C(29514): Dia: 29.5mm, Thk: 1.4mm(Good for look and light of weight)
D(29523): Dia: 29.5mm, Thk: 2.3mm(Good for duel and look, but heaviest )


Real duel saber use "B".
Color change saber use "C" or "D"
Complete saber use A, B, C, D base on the order.

Balance of Makoto'ss saber:
--come soon---