Makoto's saber
Introduce Makoto Tsai's saber.
Any question of Makoto saber, you do e-mail to me.
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How to order Makoto saber.

How to order Makoto saber.






Tell and send a mail to me what kind of saber you need.

My E-mail:
(The reply maybe slow because Makoto Tsai work EVERYTHING in person.)

Pay me after you double check the order list. 

Wait my reply of payment check.

Receive the saber after the loading time.
(I am not promise the taxes will zero when you receive the package.)

@.More infromation of Makoto's saber:

About Makoto's blade

Real duel saber(MKTT-SSS):

Crossguard saber(MKTT-SSS-CR):

Double power saber(MKTT- PLUS):

Color change saber (MKTT-LFS-V3)

Makoto's Hilt Option:

Makoto's blade kit
(not include the li-ion battery)

Other saber conversion or upgrade 
(MR FX, Hasbro, Saberforge, praksaber etc.)

Sound card:
SuperONE 1.0

SuperONE 2.0

Makoto's led strip Blade Introduction


-------------Other infromation--------------------------------

@.Color Brightness compare in my side:

Blade brightness compare(Lux meter):             
Blue(626) > Green(480) > Purple(478) >RED(405)  
Blade brightness compare(My nake eye):             
RED > Green > Blue > Purple  

@. Makoto's  usual Hilt (SSS-GX):

Heavy duel:
Real duel lightsaber > Complete saber > Color change saber  

@.My youtube:

@.HOW TO PAY with Bank

@.HOW TO PAY of Paypal



























































@. If the saber is break (or some thing wrong)      
     when you receive.

         Of course. I will make sure the saber is work well before I send, 
           but the International shipping, I can't promise each package well.
        Please send a mail to me and tell me the saber break.
        There are two options: 
















          a. Send the saber back, I will send the payment back.
















          b. Send the saber back, I will send a new saber to you in 1 week.
































         PS: you can send the saber(orginal package) with EMS of post office.

     [1 year warranty. ]

     If your saber or blade is damaged or broken within 1 year after order,
     I will replace or repair it for free(buyer need pay the shipping cost).
     Makoto sabers and blades are warrantied for dueling NOT dropping.
     User inflicted damage from dropping a saber on a hard surface is not covered      under warranty, blade on blade full contact dueling is covered.
      Do not attempt to modify or repair your saber yourself, that will void your      








































if you have any saber question, you can mail to me.
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